Incredible Milk by Milkshake

This incredible product is made with organic muru muru butter which comes from the seeds of the muru muru palm tree. It is loaded with vitamins and the high content of oleic acid makes it deeply moisturising. The reason this product is so incredible is because it protects hair in 12 ways and is suitable for all hair types.

  1. Repairs all hair types
  2. Frizz control
  3. Prevents split ends
  4. Heat protection
  5. Long lasting hairstyle
  6. Incredibly detangling
  7. Magnificent shine
  8. Adds body and volume
  9. Easier styling
  10. Protects and maintains colour
  11. Protects from UV rays
  12. Smoothens the cuticle


Instructions on use

Spray on damp hair, comb through to distribute evenly and style as desired.

This is an awesome product to have on hand to start your milkshake journey at home.