Bangs Trending 2020

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The addition of bangs can transform your face and vamp up almost any hairstyle. The key here is to choose wisely and find something that will really flatter your face shape and features. Our team are expertly trained to understand how best to contour individual face shapes and personal features using specific and precise cutting techniques as well as educate you on the maintenance of your new (or existing) bangs. We are dedicated to creating a look you love, that suits your lifestyle and is easy for you to manage.

Whats your style?

70's Bangs

Soft, effortless and low maintenance. This style of bangs doesn't require as frequent trimming as some of it's more structured cousins. The 70's Bangs are great to frame the face and draw attention to the cheekbones.



Long Bangs

Long bangs never go out of style. They soften and lift the features without taking center stage over the whole style.


Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs are a soft, romantic way of framing the face and drawing just the right amount of attention to the top of the face. These are a great addition to any style and are a great introduction to bangs.


Wispy Bangs

Romantic & undone this longer soft style of bangs is ideal for a natural look especially teamed with scrunched natural waves.


Full Bangs

Traditional bangs are taking on a more textured look with heavier fringes presenting more feathered ends at the moment.


Short Bangs

Bangs mean business in 2020, whether they're blunt or textured they're making a statement. A little shorter than we are used to with the bangs is really trending at the moment.


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Our team is trained to provide a thorough and personalised pre service consultation targeted at deducing the perfect style to suit your appearance and maintenance expectations. Our staff are expertly trained to specialise in numerous cutting techniques to achieve optimum results for you and your hair.

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