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With a range of bold cropped haircuts & flirty pixie cuts currently trending there has never been a better time to re-invent yourself. These styles are equally bold, fun & flirty and the Alpha-babes who rock them are a visage of both fierce and feminine. Our staff are skillfully trained and devoted to achieving a stunning short hairstyle to suit your hair type, face shape and lifestyle as well as educating you on how to maintain and style your look at home.

What's your style?

Choppy Pixie

A little bit softer than your classic cropped pixie.This slightly longer pixie variant is super feminine and flirty. Ideal as an introduction to short hair without being too bold.

Traditional Pixie

Super versatile classic crop that you can take from feminine to chic to grunge just by changing up your styling technique/products. Perfect for the gal that likes to change up her look from day to day.

The Undercut Pixie

This edgy pixie gives you the ease of a super short crop in the back and sides with the freedom of style-ability in the front by keeping soft textured length.


The Modern Pixie

The modern pixie is either super short and less bang-y than usual with soft texture within the body of the cut or quite a bit longer than the traditional pixie. This look is the sorter bang free version of the modern pixie and is a super fresh bold look that really opens up the face.

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Our team is trained to provide a thorough and personalised pre service consultation targeted at deducing the perfect style to suit your appearance and maintenance expectations. Our staff are expertly trained to specialise in numerous cutting techniques to achieve optimum results for you and your hair.

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