Normalising Blend Shampoo

Normalising Blend Shampoo


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milk_shake® Normalizing Shampoo

Sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp is necessary in small quantities to give hair imperiousness, elasticity and shine.  Wen produced excessively, it gives hair a greasy appearance, making it look dirty, flat and creating an unpleasant odour.

milk_shake Normalizing Blend is the professional solution to remove greasy residue with a deep normalising action, whilst respecting the delicate physiological balance that governs sebum production in the scalp.


a mix of delicate surfactants:  when cleansing sebum with traditional ingredients, often there is an increase in scalp sebum.  This phenomenon could be caused by the well-known “rebound effect” due to an excessive ‘degreasing’ action of the surfactant.  The balanced mix of cleansing agents present in normalising surfactant directly derived from the triglycerides of coconut oil, which make it extraordinarily delicate and rich of the nourishing and emollient characteristics of the original oil, helps to control scalp sebum release, counteracting the rebound effect.

organic coriander extract: extracted from the dried mature fruit of the coriander plant which grows freely in Mediterranean countries, it is renowned for its antioxidant properties.  The coriander extract contrasts free radicals, reactive molecules that alter the normal function of the scalp and oxidise the sebum lipids, creating an unpleasant odour.  This extract contributes to maintaining the healthy balance of scalp and hair.

organic helichrysum extract: is renowned for its soothing and sebum-control action

panthenol: hydrating, regenerating, soothing and conditioning

cedar and coriander essential oils: a natural soothing antioxidant